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At Venus Software Operations development has never ceased since 1992. One after the other, we have Achieved technological break through in the field of Business Application Softwares. We develop Software that are the best in Quality and the after Sales Service that are provided for our Software is also Excellent. Our Company has a very good R & D Facility and a strong Support and Service Department. The results of which are well portrayed in our impressive Product Line-up and End-Users.

X-cize - Central Excise Documentation System was developed by Venus Software Operations in 1995 and is highly appreciated and used by the manufacturers, excise consultant and chartered accountants equally.  It has been regularly updated since then to reflect the latest  documentation requirements as may have been specified from time to time in the Central Excise Notifications, Circluars, Trade Notices, etc.  A vision of Venus Software Operations of  1995 regarding full computerization of the Central Excise Documents has now come true as  mentioned in the vide noti. no. 58/99-N.T. dtd. 30.11.1999 and further clarified in the circular no. 499/65/99-CEX dtd. 10.12.1999 wherein "Rule 226A.  Electronic maintenance or generation of  records, returns and documents using computer." was added.

This software product has seen  major changes that were made to the long standing Form R.T. 12 vide noti. no. 13/97-N.T. dtd. 01.05.1997 and further modifications which were made by the vide Trade Notice no. 129/1999  Rajkot, based on Directorate of Systems Customs & Central Excise, South Zone's letter no. V/5/1/99 D.Sys (S.Zone) dtd. 07.08.1999, has also been incorporated as two different formats of Form R.T. 12.  The required invoice nos. and other document nos. are also printed, alongwith  the abstract.

The daily registers like P.L.A., R.G. 23A Pt. I & II, R.G. 23C Pt. I & II, R.G. 23D,  Form  V, etc. are also present. Also provided in the software is the allowance of Monthly Debiting  of duty under rule 173GG.

Returns like the Form R.T. 12, R.T. 5, etc. alongwith the Annexures  or Pre-Budget Declaration of Stock (incl. the last bill nos.), Declaration under rule 173B,  MODVAT Declaration, etc. are present.  Additionally Confirmation of Authenticity Annexure D  s also printed range-wise so as to facilitate the mailing by the concerned persons.  All this is  ccomplished by making the required single point data-entry of the documents like Purchase  nvoice, Production Slip, Excisable Invoice, T.R. 6 Challan, etc.

Jobwork Processing has also  een incorporated via the Main Challan Outward, Subsidiary Challan Inward and Main Challan Inward data-entry and the Stock-Register of Goods sent for Processing / Jobwork is updated.   The duty debit and credit under rule 57-F(4) is managed alongwith the jobwork sent under Noti. no. 214/86.

The Central Excise Documentation System has also been enhanced to provide single point  data-entry solutions for Accounting, Inventory and Order Processing.  Thus, a simple data-entry  made in say for eg. Excisable Invoice will simultaneously update not only the Central Excise  documents like R.G. 1 and Form R.T. 12, but will also reflect in the Ledgers, Stock Ledgers and  ending Orders, including the Final Accounts and Balance Sheet.

Special Central Excise  Documentation Modules have also been developed for Ship-Breakers and the First-Stage  Dealers.

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