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ExAcct - An E.R.P.
ExAcct - An E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a client-server application using an RDBMS backend.  It caters to the requirements of SME manufacturing units which need a high-quality professional application within budget.  It encompasses accounting, stock and inventory, PPC (Production Planning and Control), agent commissioning, report generation for Central Excise, V.A.T., Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Service Tax, T.D.S.  There are also planned modules for the upcoming G.S.T., export, order processsing and payroll.

 Data-Entry modules

 Report printing modules

Data-Entry modules

Costing of Items with B.O.M.
Price Lists (Fixed)
Price Lists (Account-Item Wise)
Document Footers
Goods Received Note
Purchase Bill
B.O.M. Issue
Issue Chit
Production Slip
Waste Generated Chit
Sale Invoice
Costing of Items with B.O.M.
Cash Receipt
Bank Receipt
Cash Payment
Bank Payment
Account J.V.
Duty J.V.
Report printing modules

Current Balance
Trial Balance
Account Ledger
Account Ledger (Daily Summary)
Receivable Reports
Payables Reports
Cash Book
Cash Book (Daily Summary)
Bank Book
Bank Book (Daily Summary)
Currency Notes
Balance Sheet
 Stock and Inventory
Current Stock
Stock Ledger
Item Wise B.O.M.
G.R.N. Pending Purchase Bill
 Agent Commissioning
Bill Summary
Commission Statement
Item Sales Statement
Monthly Sales
Form Sr. Nos.
Goods Received Note
Goods Received Note (With Items)
Purchase Bill
Purchase Bill (With Items)
B.O.M. Issue
B.O.M. Issue (With Items)
Sale Invoice
Sale Invoice (With Items)
Issue Chit
Production Slip
Waste Generated Chit
Sale Invoice Form Sr.No.
Form 201-A
Form 201-B
Form 201-C
 Central Excise
R.G.23.C. Part I
R.G.23.C. Part II
Daily Stock Account (R.G.1.)
Form IV
Sale Statement
Sale Statement (with Items)
Monthly Return
Duty J.V. Register

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