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Various other business applications
Satta Bazar Brokers
Share Traders, Investors
Hospitals, Doctors, Pathology Labs
Excise, Sales Tax, Accountants and other Profesionals
Saree Printers
CD Rental Libraries

Salient Features

Year 2000 Compatible
Multi-Data Entry Screens allowed at the same time
Standard Toolbar for Every DataEntry Screen
On-line Printing Invoice and other Documents /  Reports
Batch Printing of Invoice and Other Documents
Backup & Restore of Data (5 types of Backup & Restore)
Automatic Transfer of Balances / Stock to the Next Financial Year

Other Important Features

Multi-Company Functionality
Clock,Celender / Dairy, Calculator and DOS Shell facilities
Pull Down Manus
Simple, Easy and User-Friendly Interface
DOS Based Software executable on Windows 3.x / 95 / 98
Pre-defined Account Types/Groups
On-line Add/Edit/Delete/Locate for DataEntry Screens
Standard Facilites with Multi-Options for Every Report Screen

           Local Are Network (LAN) and Internet versions
                     of all our Softwares are available
On a single computer our softare are great.
On a network of computers (LAN), our softwares are even better.
Designed to work on TCP/IP, they work fine on virtully and network of today including Windows NT and Novell or your own Internet.

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