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Registers :

Personal Ledger Account
Form IV
Accounts of Raw Materials and Components
Form V
Accounts of Duty Paid Goods received for Reprocessing and Repairs
Form R.G. 1
Daily Stock Account
Stock Account of Inputs for use in relation to the manufacture of Final Products
Entry Book of Duty Credit
R.G. 23 D
Proforma for records of Receipts of Duty-Paid Goods and
Issue Thereof
Form E.R. 1/3
Monthly / Periodical return of Excisable Goods
Manu. / Received without Payment of Duty

Annexures :

Monthly Return u/r 7(5) of CENVAT rules 2001
Annexure B-1
Account of Raw materials and Components
Annexure D
Confirmation of Authenticity
Annexure 1
Proforma for filing Declaration under rule 1738
Annexure 42
Declaration of Stock, etc. on the pre-budget Day      
by a Manufacturer
Annexure 154
MODVAT Proforma for Declaration
Annexure 148
Stock Register of Goods sent for processing / Jobwork (83, 84/94)
Annexure 159
Stock Register of Goods sent for processing / Jobwork (214/86)
Annexure 160
Stock Register for Jobwork / Processor

Statements :

Sale and D-3 Sale Statements with Monthly Summary
Details of Monthly Revenue
Particulars of Excise Duty Paid
Worksheet showing Clearance and Value
Details of Production, Clearance & Duty Paid
Month-wise Production / Clearance / Revenue Figures
Monthly Abstract

Excise Reports :

Central Excise Duty Payable Report
Jobwork Duration Expiry Report
Capital Goods Duty Balance Credit Report

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